Energy Rating

Energy Rating

How to make sure you’re buying the best energy efficient Alfresco or Granny flat on the market.

Even though Granny flats and Alfresco`s all look the same they don’t all perform the same – but it’s easy to compare them by looking at independently verified scores.

Here’s what to look for:

·         Roofing panels that keep the heat in LOW U VALUE

·         Roofing panels that take the heat from the sun HIGH G VALUE

·         Roofing panels that don’t let the heat out LOW L VALUE

·         Roofing panels that keeps the heat out HIGH R VALUE

·         Roofing with a TRIPLE A RATING  (All of the above in one simple rating)

·         Our Insulated roofing & Wall panels (Approved triple A rating)


PATIOLIFE insulated roof & wall panels have superior insulating properties for all-year-round comfort.


PATIOLIFE Australia Insulated roof & wall Panel

3 Layers for the ultimate protection.


Roofing Layer

Made from high-grade steel, the roofing layer is available in 13 high-gloss colours, achieving a heat-reflective and easy-to-clean finish.


Insulated Layer

Made from highly insulating expanding polystyrene, the insulation layer is pressure-bonded to the roof and ceiling layers, with specially formulated adhesive providing strength and durability. Available in 35mm, 55mm, 90mm and 115mm thickness options.


Ceiling Layer

Made from high-grade steel, the ceiling layer is available in 1 high gloss, 6 low-gloss & 5 timber grain colours. All 12 colours available in three profiles smooth, V70 & V140


The 3-stage Colour-Coating Process

The PATIOLIFE facility pioneered the coil coating process developing the High gloss colour coating process with an emphasis on optimising surface quality to ensure the roofing panels maintain their premium look and withstand the harsh outdoor elements.


The 3-stage Colour-Coating process produces one of the finest and most durable modern coatings available, offering outstanding corrosion resistance with excellent colour and gloss retention.



Hot alkaline cleaning of the metal following by roll-on application of a Chromatic Conversion Coating, which prevents corrosion and improves paint adhesion.

Stage 2: PRIMER

A specially formulated polyester primer is applied, designed for flexibility and corrosion resistance.


A polyester-resin top coat, designed for greater exterior durability and flexibility, is applied and then baked.



It is difficult to produce a smooth, thin film of colour with powder coating as multiple coats are required to achieve an acceptable finish. The end result is a thicker coating that is brittle and more susceptible to cracking. With the 3-stage roller coating process, the thickness of the application can be accurately controlled to produce a consistent, smooth finish every time.



High gloss coatings highlight the vibrancy of the colour and fade a lot slower compared to lower gloss options used in the market. High gloss coatings are also a lot easier to clean and maintain. Though high gloss levels tend to highlight surface imperfections, a reason why many others in the market tend to offer a lower gloss coating, we are confident enough in the quality of our panels to be able to feature a high gloss coating and still achieve a superior surface appearance.